Video Editing Tip #1: Creating a Photo Slide Show

When you're at an early stage of video editing you should know what software to use first in order for you to get the right video concept in mind. I would suggest that you start with the easiest way of editing videos - PhotoStory 3.

What is PhotoStory 3? This is software developed by Microsoft which is in collaboration with Windows Movie Maker 2. This is easier than the movie maker because you just have to drag and drop the photos, put the music, add text, and then the computer will render the video. Simple steps! The panning and transition of each photos are pretty simple but it has a clean transition. Sometimes this would even make you look like a pro-video editor.

So instead of giving picture frames to your love ones, make them a photo story video! It's simple and doesn't require any editing experience. Just follow the wizard and you're all set.

PhotoStory 3 Download [click here]

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