Video Editing Tip #4 - Choosing the right songs for your video presentation

Choosing the right song sometimes would really make the video presentation more colorful and emotional. When I say emotional, it doesn't mean that it has to be sad and gloomy or has the effect of a tear-jerking scene. For starters, always make sure that the music you use is right for that moment and has something to do with the video. It doesn't have to be the most popular music on the radio or in MTV right now. You always have to make sure that it fits!

The tune and the beat of the music also adds an effect to the presentation. Sometimes a simple cut-to-cut video with the exact timing on the background music is more powerful than any well edited videos done by the professionals.

You always have to be open on the wide-range of genre that the music industry has. You have to 'empathize' with the moment of a particular scene on where you're going to put the music. But it's not always like that, you also have to make the necessary timing to get that right track or tune on the right scene.

Stop, Look and Listen. This is also applicable in this concept. STOP - the video you want to put your music into. LOOK - at the actual scene that's happening. LISTEN - to the music you want to use for that particular scene. Also, IMAGINE if it would be the right tune for that. If it would add some emotion to it. If it would make the viewers feel what the scene was conveying.

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