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I Just Got Fired! from Jason Alba on Vimeo.

Jason Alba, CEO of JibberJobber.com, found my resume somewhere at JobsDB.com and immediately sent me an email asking me if we could produce webinars that he could use in his website. I replied with a smile and said YES! : )

I found out that JibberJobber's objective is to help out people manage their career to the highest-level. Why? Because they'll be the one to manage them with a great CRM tool that they could access anywhere using their PCs or laptops and an internet connection.

JibberJobber's interface is very user friendly and I would say, effective. Not only for professionals but also for jobseekers and those people who are just starting out with their career. If you care about your career, you wouldn't want anyone managing it for you but yourself and a very user-friendly tool that would keep all the essential information in managing your career.

I would say that Filipinos should start doing this. It would be a great help for all of us to track down our applications. Plus, keep the information of our contacts for future use.

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