GAWAD Saka Provincial and Regional Winners 2008 | Documentary Video

Five years ago, I started editing documentary videos for the Office of the Provincial Agriculturists (OPA) under the Department of Agriculture here in Quezon. It was just now that they were kind enough to inform me the list of those documentary videos that won an award. They told me that they would give me the rest of the list from the previous GAWAD Saka winners.

I was really surprised because I was not expecting that my videos will win national contests like this. Tita Cristy (OPA Senior Field Coordinator) told me that most of my videos won the Regional Level and there are a couple who was nominated in the National Level. There are three levels: Provincial, Regional, and National. As of the moment these are the list of those videos that won last year:

Regional Winners:
  • Infanta Municipal Agricultural and Fishery Council (MAFC) | view video
  • Sherwin Calvendra (Outstanding Young Farmer)
  • Gordon RIC (Outstanding Rural Improvement Club) | playing
Provincial Winners:
  • Catalino Caringal (Outstanding HVCC Farmer)
  • Edison Durante (Outstanding Rice Farmer)
  • Tayabas Farmers Federation (Outstanding Small Farmers Organization)
I would like to say congratulations to all the winners of this contest. I hope that they would continue the legacy that they've established to thier municipality.

This video can also be viewed at the following sites: YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Veoh, Imeem, eBaums World, Viddler, Vimeo and Graspr

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