Video Editing Tip #9 - Video Compression Settings for Vimeo & YouTube

Vimeo is one of the leading viral site for HD video streaming. A lot of users are enjoying the services of this site. The quality of the video is superb and each free user is given 500 MB of video uploading space every week. Also, a free HD Video upload every week but if you already uploaded an HD video for that week, they will conveniently convert your second HD video to a standard video format. Which is actually fine for web viewing. This site is highly recommended for those video editors who is producing HD videos and Webinars.

Youtube however is into HD as well they just call it HQ or High-quality videos. The resolution of the video is not quite as good as what Vimeo has but YouTube has its new feature on their site - Bulk Video Uploading. You can actually upload 10 videos all at the same time. Futher more, Youtube is now offering 1GB video uploading for all users. Which would definitely cater to all HD producers. But I have to warn you because the site is strict to materials with a copyright content especially for the audio content that a producer used. But they have something to back it up. They could offer you to change the audio that you used for your video with their royalty-free tracks or nothing at all.

I have somehow summarized the video compression settings for both sites and put it on a Word Document. This would somehow help you on how to compress your edited video for uploading. Recently, most users are uploading their videos on H.264 codec. Which I also believe is the best video codec that everyone could use for uploading their videos over the web. I would suggest that you use Total Video Converter by EffectMatrix which you could try for free.

This is the link of the summarized video compression settings for both YouTube and Vimeo. Enjoy! (Download Here)

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