The JibberJobber Video Editor

Jason saw my resume somewhere on the web last December of 2008 while he was searching for someone who can edit his webinars. He sent me an e-mail asking if I could edit webinars. At first, I was really hesitant to reply because first of all, I don’t even know what webinars are. Then I made a research about it and found out it has something to do with teaching certain users or viewers of the video. To make the story short, I decided to be his official video editor for his webinars at JibberJobber.com.

After months of editing his webinars, JibberJobber Videos, and his very informative LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD, I came across with a lot of information that I got from the personal branding expert himself – Jason Alba. Well I get to edit those videos that only JibberJobber members could see. I have the complete access to all his videos on Vimeo, plus I gained knowledge or even tips that I could use for my personal branding, career management, and building client relations. Here’s another cool thing about Jason Alba, his professionalism. I have encountered a lot of clients during my video editing years and he is one of those few who have the capability to be professional, witty, and friendly all at the same time.

Being his video editor is a privilege for me. Not only that I earned but I also learned a lot of things that I am still applying up to this moment.

You can follow his blogs about personal branding, career management, and building client relations at JibberJobber.com/blog or JasonAlba.com

I Just Got Fired! from Jason Alba on Vimeo.

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