Juan Margarito | Birthday AVP

Juan Margarito | Birthday AVP from bongvideos on Vimeo.

A great story of one of the biggest challenges for the De Guzman family. A year ago the family was expecting another baby boy. After giving birth, everything turned out to be normal not until the doctor informed Michael, the father, that there was something wrong with his baby and the boy has 5% chance of living. This is a documentary video, a compilation of images and footage of how Juan survived.


Cristine de Guzman said...

Hi Bong. thank you for doing this video for us. Great work. We will treasure this forever. Again thank you and God bless.

Cherry Santos said...

That is a beautiful video very touching, I wish I could put Like on the video....Mr. Fernandez (the Navy would say for a awesome) Bravo Zulu for the job well done.

Cristine and Mike De Guzman said...

hi Bong. Got the video na and watched it. Thanks so much for a job well done. Never regret getting you and your group for our son's photo and video. Good luck and More power!! By the way, count me in as one of your fan. We believe in you . hehe that's why we " GOT BONGED". :D