Hotel Sogo In-House Commercial | Corporate Videos

A three day photo and video shoot for Sogo Hotel in-house commercial turned out the way it was all planed. The staff, casts, crew, and employees from Sogo was such a great help for our team. It started out when the Marketing Department Advertising Division's head, Paul de Ramos, called me and ask me if I am interested and if we are well equipped to make an in-house commercial. I immediately said Yes to it. It's a great opportunity for us to work with these kinds of clients.

With the help of Peter Allarey as our main photographer and 3D animator; plus Reb Gendrano who is our videographer; it was a great tandem that led to a successful pre-production of the in-house commercial. Unfortunately due to client request we cannot post the video and photos taken and edited for this project but they told us that we could use it as our portfolio for future clients.

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