Paul & Janette | Pre-nuptial Video

A FRAMED-UP PRODUCTION: http://www.FUProduction.Blogspot.com/ | Videographer and Video Editor: Bong Fernandez | Photographers: Mot Rasay & Peter Allarey

It's seldom that I hear stories like this. A lot of people might think that it all came from a decision wherein the couple never thought about the consequences that they are getting in to. But what if love really hits you? What if you can't let go of it anymore and all you can do is surrender to its mysterious power? To sum it all up, I find Paul & Janette's story - fascinating.

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Monette Sy said...

sweet.. true love nga tlga 'to.. :)) mas sweet nga lng ung guy, & ma-efort ha.. :)) galing! winner! :))