Mel+Pee Gee | Pre-nuptial Video

A FRAMED-UP PRODUCTION | http://www.facebook.com/fuproduction | PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mot Rasay and Peter Allarey | VIDEOGRAPHERS: Peter Allarey and Bong Fernandez | VIDEO EDITOR: Bong Fernandez

A 2 day pre-nuptial shoot that took place in one of the historical places in the Philippines - Ilocos Sur. For 2 days we were able to film in 12 locations. The team was overwhelmed on Mel and Pee Gee's energy during the pre-production.

Against the heat of the sun and exhaustion from traveling we still had a great time producing the video. Mel and Pee Gee is an amazing couple. We felt the love between them that's why we never hesitated to take shots of everything.


Andrew Lee said...

Hi I just saw this video on vimeo and I must say that you really did a great job! Is this in the philippines? I think I have to go there. Keep it up! and congratulations to the couple!

bongvideos said...

Thanks Andrew!

This place is in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. Wonderful place actually, plus you'll save a lot because the food costs there is really cheap.

wedding photography said...

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