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A FRAMED-UP PRODUCTION | http://www.facebook.com/fuproduction | Photographers: Mot Rasay, Dindo Gendrano, and Argie Aragon | Videographers: Bong Fernandez, Reb Gendrano, and Darwin Sanchez | Production Assistants: Nikko Limin and Thotie Katigbak | Video Editor: Bong Fernandez

"Street Corner Symphony"
Performed by Rob Thomas

Kabayan Resort, Laiya, Batangas - It was a perfect day to get married. The sun was up and almost everybody is ready for summer but August and Phen wants to do something else. Something that they have longed for a long time - getting married. It was not a smooth ride for the couple but somehow they managed to stay together and love each other :)

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