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A FRAMED-UP PRODUCTION | http://www.facebook.com/fuproduction | Photographers: Mot Rasay, Peter Allarey, and Ray Paderon, | Videographers: Bong Fernandez, Reb Gendrano, Darwin Sanchez, and Mark Fernandez | Video Editor: Bong Fernandez

Music: "HOME"
Performed by Philip Philips

SANTUARIO de SAN ANTONIO; Blue Leaf Events Place; Oakwood Ortigas - Crunch time! That's what we all noticed the first time we saw Gladys during the preparation. We can't blame her for that, every bride wants her wedding to be perfect, besides the fact that it has been raining all day and the worries of the couple piles up every hour. Marci on the other hand cools down the pressure, he's very excited and energetic during the whole preparation. Their worries went off when they saw their family and friends during the ceremony and reception. It was an emotional-fun-filled event for everyone. Thus, it was perfect, again, come rain or shine! :)

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