Peter + Joani | Onsite/Same-day-edit

A Framed-Up Production | http://www.facebook.com/fuproduction | Photographers: Mot Rasay, Jasper Eva, Argie Aragon, Dana Fernandez, Kianne Mallari, and Ray Paderon | Videographers: Bong Fernandez, Mark Fernandez, Reb Gendrano, Darwin Sanchez and Tsiboy Mallari | Video Editor: Bong Fernandez | Production Assistant: Nikko Limin and Jasper Eva

Have you ever been in a relationship where the two of you have no time for each other? It's like no matter how hard you try to be with each other, time and work can't seem to cooperate with you. You feel frustrated and helpless sometimes. You feel alone and longing for that person. Sometimes you have to break it. And get out of it. 

This is Peter and Joani's onsite wedding video presentation. Getting out of the separation was a choice. They have been together for more than 8 years and the long wait is over for the both of them. They are stronger and more in-love this time :)

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