Chris + May | Onsite/Same-day-edit

A Framed-Up Production | http://www.facebook.com/fuproduction | Photographers: Mot Rasay and Peter Allarey | Videographers: Bong Fernandez, Darwin Sanchez, Reb Gendrano, and Nikko Limin | Production Assistants: Darwin Sanchez and Jasper Eva | Video Editors: Mark Fernandez and Bong Fernandez

Pueblo Porla Playa, Pagbilao, Quezon - It all started out with a great morning sunrise and two hearts ready to make the world know how love make them go crazy over each other. No matter how far they are from each other and no matter how long it would take for them to wait, still, Chris and May were able to surpass and go through those difficult times.

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