5th Year And A Wedding: Noel and Joanne

A Framed-Up Production | http://www.facebook.com/fuproduction | Photographers: Mot Rasay, Sheik Barron and Peter Allarey | Videographers: Bong Fernandez, Darwin Sanchez, Pearly Allarey, Nikko Limin and Thotie Katigbak | Back-Up: Jasper Eva and Darwin Sanchez | Video Editor: Bong Fernandez and Pearly Allarey

It was a long journey for these couple because everything started out when they were still students. But they didn't mind each other. They grew and moved on with their lives like they're suppose to. Fate has it's way of connecting them though and it all became clear to the both of them that life should be celebrated together. 

Five years ago, the two have finally felt that they need to know each other more and maybe continue the love that they feel for each other. Five years later - their wedding.

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