ISHRM Batch 2008 Part 3

Finally, I have uploaded all three of them. Can't wait to edit another one of these next year. I am overwhelmed of the fact that the school is growing so fast. They even got a new campus right now that has a remarkable approach for the course that they're offering.

Also, I was informed that the sound system at the graduation date failed to work. I would just like to make it clear that it was not my responsibility nor the school why this happened. I feel sorry though because the students weren't able to hear the sound. So I gladly uploaded this on-line so everyone could watch. Again, ISHRM and I are not responsible for the technical problem that occurred last April 1. It was the sound system operator's fault. F%&*k them! LOL!

For more information about ISHRM you can visit their site at http://www.ishrm.edu.ph/index.html


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