Jack+Lorna @ 25 | Wedding Video


A FRAMED-UP PRODUCTION | FRAMED-UP WEBSITE | PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mot Rasay, Peter Allarey, and Argie Aragon | VIDEOGRAPHERS: Ben Gendrano, Bong Fernandez, and Thotie Katigbak | Production Assistants: Raynaldo Paderon and Thotie Katigbak | VIDEO EDITORS: Bong Fernandez and Thotie Katigbak

Lucena City, Quezon Province [10.30.10] - As Jack and Lorna renewed their wedding vows and celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Their guests and close friends witness an epitome of a promise "Til Death Do Us Part".

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edwincj said...

nice video bong.

bongvideos said...

Thanks for that Edwin! :)