Rammel+Haydee's Testimonial

Over dinner we had this discussion about how to make a testimonial for BongVideos Production. Instead of just composing a feel-good message, it turned out to be a good and lengthy discussion. And here's a glimpse of it:

1. BongVideos will NEVER dramatize things; they CAPTURE the drama as it unfolds!
2. BongVideos DIDN'T put on a fake smile and fake laugh just to make the video look nice, they patiently waits for that MOMENT in your life!
3. BongVideos DIDN'T had a "tripod coverage" as we've noticed in some wedding coverage here and abroad, the lenses MOVED as you move as we've seen in the final movie edit!
4. BongVideos' staffs are NOT just your ordinary video-coverage employees; they are ENTHUSIASTS that adds passion in what they are doing!
5. BongVideos' staff WON'T just cover you; they will LAUGH with you, get EXCITED with you and even DANCE with you!

And the list goes on and on! It has been a very memorable experience having them to cover our wedding: the professionalism, the talent, the high level of technical knowledge, the quality of the product and most importantly, the passion is way above what we've expected.

We wish you guys more clients and more success in life! And yeah right, WE GOT BONGED!

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