Video Editing Tip#5 - Video editing software to begin with

A lot of those who are hooked up in video editing started in a very simple video editing software wherein they could get that satisfaction that they wanted. But of course they have to step up & grow up, try new things especially a new video editing software.

Right now, we're not going to talk about an advance video editing software. Just for starters, you don't have to look or download softwares at this moment. You just have to look at that editing software that is already installed in your computers. If you have a Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system, then you're already set. All you have to do is look for the Windows Movie Maker 2.0

You can create simple yet amazing family videos with this software. In fact, a lot of home video editors are using this software until now. It's has a very simple approach for first time editors and it will guide you to a step by step process on how to upload your video from your digital videocams, edit it, and save it in your computer. For me, it has always been a fact that all simple videos are better. You just have to make it a point that you know where to cut the scene, put the music and where to drop the video filter or where to do a video transition.

Included on the Windows Movie Maker are video transitions, text generator, video filters, and it has a this wizard interface wherein editors can easily follow the step by step process.

So I would suggest that you try this first before you get yourself confused on some high-level video editing software.

For more information about Windows Media Maker 2.0 you can visit Microsoft.com or ways on how to use it visit Dummies.com

For download click here. You can add other transitions if you update your Windows XP and get the Windows Movie Maker 2.1.

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