Francis & Risa (Pre-nuptial Wedding Video)

Francis & Risa (Pre-nuptial Wedding Video) from bongvideos on Vimeo

Francis saw my video editing services ad at sulit.com and upon seeing that he sent a text message inquiring about my editing services. He asked me if I could help him out conceptualize his pre-nuptial wedding video presentation, so I said yes to it. I only got one problem though, but I took it as a challenge, he wants me to use R n' B music. I still went up to it, everybody has their first time.

This video was taken at "Sonia's Garden" somewhere in Tagaytay. I would say that the place is just amazing for people who wants to escape life at the metro. The garden is very relaxing and calm.

The couple was shy at first to talk about their history, how they met, things about them, etc. But they were able to tell me bits and pieces of those memorable events that happened. Most of them are funny, sweet, and very memorable. What amazes me though is how they narrate the stories. It seems like it just happened yesterday. Francis knows the dates and Risa knows the details. Which is very uncommon to couples nowadays especially if the relationship is more than 6 years.

I am glad to have met the couple. It inspired me to make their video as simple as they want it to be. Just like them.

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