Video Editing Tip #7 - Digital Juice

Two years ago I found one of the best video editing tool that every video editor should have. They call it "Digital Juice". It is a great tool that has every little thing an editor should need for a good video presentation. It has backgound video loops, audio samplers, image samplers, and a lot more. Also, some of it's samplers are downloadable. You can abuse the samplers in anyway you want. Include it in your video presentations and prepare yourself for a kick-ass production.

I used some of it's downloadable video backgrounds in some of my video presentation. It's remarkable and very professional. Futhermore, the audio samples are effective in giving an intense presentation. The samples can be looped so the transition is fantastic, it's clean and again very professional.

I would recommened this to all video editors - amatuers and professionals. To know more about this you can visit their website and register so you could download some of their freebies.

For direct downloads:

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