Iñigo Fernandez | Christening Video

Iñigo Fernandez | Christening Video from bongvideos on Vimeo.

As Iñigo's uncle, official videographer, and video editor, it was with great joy and pleasure to film and edit my nephew's Christening last April 26, 2009. The event was really simple yet solemn (somehow, lol).

We went to Island Cove, Cavite after the ceremony and had lunch there with only a few people who matters to Iñigo.

This video is also available at the following viral sites: YouTube, Yahoo, DailyMotion, Veoh, eBaums World and Viddler

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marge fernandez said...

the christening video was so delightful! i never thought such a solemn occasion can turn out to be fun! kudos to the video editor bong fernandez. over indulging parents have a partner in you man!