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As a video editor one of my job is to get to spread out the word about my works and video editing services out on the web. As part of the marketing strategy I have to set up accounts on different viral sites that would make my videos searchable on google or yahoo. As we all know YouTube is leading when it comes to video uploads, views, and all that things that has to do with video webcasting. But lately, Vimeo is getting over the fence of HD videos over the web. Making a lot of film makers, animators, and video editors upload their works on Vimeo and embed it on their websites.

Both Vimeo and YouTube has its potential to show High Quality videos and High Definition videos. It depends on how the uploader convert his videos. Aslo, both Vimeo and YouTube has it's pros and cons that I believe that they are working on and developing as the days of video uploading passes by.

With this in mind I would like to present both my video channels on the said viral sites: (Click the photo to be directed to BongVideos Channels)

BongVideos Channel on Vimeo
  • I love the way they put the logo on that top of the channel. It screams!
  • The interface of the channel seems pretty organized but it may not be very pleasing for those who gives description to their videos. But there is a choice of layout when you set up the page, of course.
  • You get to make 3 different channels if you are a free user. And an unlimited number of channels if you are a Vimeo Plus user.
BongVideos Channel on YouTube
  • Nice work when it comes to detail about the videos and thumbnails.
  • They are coming up with a YouTube beta version of the channels presentation but it's not pretty polished yet so I decided to stick to the old channel for the mean time.
  • Customizing your channel is more sophisticated here. It doesn't require advance knowledge on CSS though but you need to tweak a lil' bit of this and that to pull of a good looking channel.
So there you have it. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make your viral site channel much cooler, don't hesitate to make a comment.

These are some of my viral sites that you could check out:
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