Rain Drops | Video Poem by BongVideos

Test for Sony SR200 | Video Poem from bongvideos on Vimeo.

As a video editor, conceptualizing new ideas would be a great challenge for me. There are a lot of video editors out there and most of them are great. Penetrating the ability of what you have in mind could be a good perspective in capturing a moment. Not only that you need to manipulate the features of your video camera and video editing software. You also have to feel the surroundings right at that very moment. Don't let it slip away. Because a moment gone is gone forever.

This video is also to test out my Sony SR200 Camcorder's TeleMacro and my new video editing software's fps rendering in a slow motion video input.

BongVideos is not just about video editing services or photo and video coverage. We also share video concepts for those who wants to start out video editing by giving out video editing tips.

I film this while we were at REPCo Techno Park Laguna. Filming our next company AVP project. Me and Rjay are shooting the said company's building when it started to rain, we can't do anything but wait for it to stop. Then suddenly, an idea came into my mind. This is it, a video poem.

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Jim Burns said...

Simple yet so amazing. Great concept you got here!