Photos vs Videos | A fact about photo and video services

I have noticed that there are a lot of people who are sending me an e-mail about their wedding video to be re-edited. As much as I wanted to accommodate all inquiries, it would be impossible for a video editor to simply make their edited videos more appealing and eventful.

I believe that in order for a video editor to make a good video presentation they should have a good videographer. If the raw videos are boring and somehow doesn't tell any story, then most probably the video editor would have a hard time to create a good video presentation.

A client of mine recently asked me if I could re-edit their wedding video. The first question I asked her is "why?" She doesn't like how it's done she said. She told me that during the time when they were scouting for a good photo and video service a lot of studios showed them pictures and edited albums included in their wedding package. I asked her if they even presented an edited wedding video. She said no. That's where I started thinking, why are these guys so proud about their photo albums and not their videos?

Knowing the fact that a client is easily amazed with the presentation of photos for the wedding package, sometimes or most of the times they forgot to look at the other service that they are about to pay for - the video package. I have nothing against photos. Actually it amazes me to see a captured moment in one frame. It's hard to capture a moment especially if the subject is unaware about it, same with a captured video. Photos tell a thousand words they said, videos makes you feel connected with the actual event. Videos speak, it tells more than a million words. Now combine that with the right music, the right moment, and the right cuts. What do you think would happen? It would create a story, a story of your life during that eventful moment.

Here are some tips on how you should scout for a great photo and video service for your event:
  • Check both packages - the photo and video presentation. You are paying for both, right? So better look at both presentations.
  • Check if they know the difference between a captured moment and a stolen shot.
  • Look at their price package. If you see that the package they are offering you are flooded with a bunch of photo albums and less on the video presentation, then you better start thinking again if they are really serious about the video presentation.
  • Know the difference between documenting and capturing.
  • Tell them what you want you are paying for it, right?
  • Even if they are referred by someone you really trust, doesn't mean you have to trust that particular studio. It's still your event.
  • If the studio is offering cheap prices compared to others, think! A good service doesn't come cheap.
  • Don't relay too much on the effects that they are using.
Remember that your event happens only once. Nobody could repeat that particular day. This is not Ground Hogs Day (if you know the movie). A moment gone is gone forever. The photo and video is a proof of what happened during that momentous event of yours. Don't take it for granted. Don't settle for less, we Filipinos are so into that - "Okay na yan". I'm telling you, if you care about your event? Then you should stop saying that phrase.

If you want both presentations to be great, then hire separate services. Hire someone who specializes in photos alone and hire someone who specializes in videos alone. Dig that and get bonged!


Linda Sales said...

I am one of those who got this kind of service. We really regret it when we saw the edited wedding video. I really want to mention the name of the studio but I don't think it would be necessary. What sucks now is that we can't even have it re-edited because the VCD is broken. We asked the videographer if they still have a copy and they said they don't have it anymore.

- Linda Sales

bongvideos said...

Ms. Linda I'm sorry to hear that. Why don't you send me an e-mail so we could discuss what we have for you.