Talleres De Nazaret | Documentary Video

This project inspired me to continue my passion for videography. Knowing the situation of a factory worker brought a lot of senses to me because the workers of Talleres De Nazaret are passionate about what they do.

I had a great time conceptualizing the video with Ms. Monnette Joson. She made the story board which made my shooting and video editing a little bit easier. The hard part was chasing the factory workers as the walk around. I never ask them to stop so I run around where ever they go. Which is I think a big part of being a videographer.

Talleres De Nazaret is not only a factory that produces export quality bags and clothing. But also a community that helps young women and their family achieve their dreams in life. Visit http://www.TalleresDeNazaret.org for more information about their products.

This documentary video or promotional video is also posted at BongVideos YouTube channel.

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Monnett Joson said...

Hi Bong! Thank so much for your meaningful experience with our workers. Your videgraphy skill is indeed a powerful tool to convey a message. Hope we could do another one which presents Talleres de Nazaret as Fair Trade.