Who is Bong Fernandez?

Photo by Peter Allarey
As a video editor...
Bong started out editing when he was still in college. He was a student assistant at the Educational Media Resource Center of Manuel S. Enverga University. As a student of Hotel and Restaurant Management it is pretty obvious that his course is way far than what is he's into right now.

Bong is always curious when it comes to technology and multi-media equipment. The first time that a new desktop PC arrived at the EMRC he jumped into it and started manipulating the editing programs installed. He started out from scratch when it comes to video editing. Nobody actually thought him what to do when it comes to cuts, transitions, video effects, etc. He is a curious cat and has always been trying to pull something interesting when an idea hits his wit.

With the help of his favorite genre and movies he was able to properly execute what he had in mind. But of course, it's not always perfect. He believes that from imperfection he could create something good or great. At first, it was just a hobby that makes him happy and some of his friends and colleagues happy. Until they suggested that he should consider video editing service as a career. And so he did.

It was a hard and long struggle for Bong to get his first clients. He worked with different directors and videographers that somehow helped him when it comes to ideas and concept. He loves collaborating with different people with different ideas. He makes it a point that he will have a pen and paper on hand whenever he talks to his clients so he could take down simple notes that would make his edited video material reach their expectations.

Bong believes that video editing is a never ending study of new ideas and concepts revolving from one person to another. Its dynamic and always evolving.

As a videographer...
Bong always believes that a good video presentation starts out with a good raw footage. In short, a good videographer plus a good video editor equals a good video presentation.

His passion from video editing didn't stop him from pursuing his curiosity for videography. He always wanted to feel what it is like to shoot for his own raw footage. As he discovers his new passion Bong never stops watching movies and other videos from his fellow videographers and instead of shooting the same way they did, he always try see what's missing in it. From there he dares himself to execute what's missing. That is why his funky video presentations is quite different to what you are expecting from a videographer.

Bong knows he is still a newbie when it comes to videography because just like video editing it is a never ending learning of new ideas, perspective, and concept.