Andrew and Melanie | Wedding Video

Videograher and Editor: Bong Fernandez
Photographer: Erick Tabalno of [CyberVille.multiply.com]

Andrew and Melanie started out rough with their relationship. Their first two years was more on discovering each others' negative side and somehow keeping up with it. But they saw the light in their most darkest hours and now, after 10 years, they decided to get married.

Being a wedding videographer is a great experience, especially if you converse with the couple. Not only that you get to cover their wedding event and edit their wedding video, but also you get the chance to know the people behind the story.

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Retha Mills said...

A very fresh wedding video concept I must say. I am very impressed with your production. Good work Bong! Though I can't understand the words they were saying but I'm sure this is a good wedding story.

- Retha from NJ

Bong Fernandez said...

Thanks for this Retha. I will post some subtitles on my wedding videos soon. Thanks for viewing :)