Get Bonged! Video Editing with a Heart and Soul

Manila, Philippines (January 12) – For the past two years, people and companies have increasingly been getting Bonged. From nuns to CEOs, you name it. They love it, they enjoy it, why, they even praise it! Those who Got Bonged say it is an experience they will never forget.

But what is it exactly? Getting Bonged is a video editing experience by BongVideos Production.

BongVideos Production has been into video editing services since 2007 and has been growing more popular in both local and foreign markets. BongVideos presents a fresh perspective on all his videos whether it’s a simple webinar or a behind-the-scenes take on making an animated music video.

The video editing service strives to bring out the story in each video without compromising creativity. Those who outsource their video editing to BongVideos attest to the passion and vision behind it. According to Jason Alba, CEO of JibberJobber.com, “I could have chosen ALL attributes for Bong. He's been a pleasure to work with. One thing I appreciate about him is that when he doesn't know how to do something he figures it out, and takes a lot of pride in his work. He is also excited about the work we do together, which is very important to me.”

Janet Thaeler, Online PR Consultant of OnlinePrBook.com, commented, "If I don't know something, Bong sends me a video showing me what to do. He fills in a lot of the gaps and makes me look and sound better on my videos. Like Jason says, he also shares in the excitement of a project. He even helps market it. He took my videos and made a short preview of them that I put on YouTube to advertise my video."

Chris Smith, CEO of Credit Ambassador, claims, "I have worked on over 15 video projects with Bong and I am very lucky to find a professional hard worker who not only has the skills with editing and shooting videos, but also has creativity which is hard to find. I would highly recommend using Bong for any of your video needs."

But the heart behind BongVideos shines the most in event and documentary videos such as birthdays, pre-nups, and weddings. From William Smith, President at Energy Awareness Movement, “In October 2009 we hired Bongvideos to capture the special day for our daughter's 18th Debut. From the Pre Debut photos and video to the big event, Bong was able to capture not only the event but the personal details in every way…I would highly recommend that you consider Bong and his crew.”

Videos with a story – a heart and soul – are the way to go. So prepare to Get Bonged!

About BongVideos Production
BongVideos is defined by passion for video editing. It is also not just about rendering services, it's also about providing knowledge on video editing or non-linear editing especially those who are aspiring to be a video editor.

Bong Fernandez, videographer and editor

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sheila said...

it's this simple...my lil' sis wedding got bonged!