Sa Silid | Making the 3D Animated Video

We would like to start the year of 2010 with something different here at BongVideos Production. With the help of my colleagues who knows how to do 3D animation, Ben Riego and Elmer Ona of Watusi Animations; Reb Execute of Emic Works Philippines; and Peter Allerey of Black Mime Graphics.

One of my colleagues and former band mate Elmer Ona is an animator and the lead guitarist of SLEX. Together with his other band mates Shinji, Vhall, and Ben, their band is one of the upcoming artist in the Filipino Pop Alternative scene.

The last part of this video is a great video animation done by Elmer Ona and Ben Riego. They are part of the Watusi Animation Team.

With the team's effort and concept 2010 will be a great year for all of us.


Robin Sing-Cunningham said...

I hope you realize just how amazing the animation is on that last bit. Go Watusi team! Keep up the good work, we love to see your stuff. The band was quite good, btw. Congrats.

Bong Fernandez said...

Thanks for the comment Robin, I appreciate it. This is just the first part of the making. I will post the last part soon.

Also we would post the full length version of the 3D animated music video here.

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zairgotschi said...

gaLing! bow~